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Business Group Chair Elections

14 September 2020

The NIA Decommissioning and Existing Generation Group (DEG) and New Build Group (NBG) meet at least twice a year and have attracted 100+ NIA members. The groups run as a mini-conference and networking opportunity for members to hear the latest updates about industry.

As well as the meeting, each event tends to include a sponsored drinks reception and pay-your-own-way dinner the evening before. When possible, a facility tour is organised the day before or on the day of the meeting.
At each meeting, the room and refreshments are sponsored by NIA members. The drinks reception held the evening before is also sponsored by a member company.

Role of the Chair – core duties
• Chair the meeting on the day
• Work closely with the NIA to develop the Business Group’s strategy, activities, and vision
• Host the drinks reception and pay-your-own-way dinner
• Liaise with the Vice-Chair of the group, and the NIA secretariat to decide the location, theme, and agenda for the meeting
• The NIA will approach potential speakers and sponsors, as well as arrange the logistics on the day. But when appropriate, the Chair may be asked to approach speakers or sponsors themselves
• Invited to sit on the organising committee for the NIA summer event which is either our DECOM or New Build event which alternate each year.
• It is expected the Chair will have a good understanding of the UK’s decommissioning and existing generation programme or New Build programme (depending on the role applied for)
• The Chair will hold the position initially for up to three years (exceptionally a second term may be agreed).
• Attend NIA chairs group 2 times a year.

Additional duties – optional
Representing NIA at meetings with various stakeholders.

Time commitment
The Chair will be expected to attend their Business Group meetings and work with the NIA Secretariat to plan the meetings and their Business Group activities. The time commitment above this is down to the individual Chairs.

Other opportunities may arise which you will be invited to participate in should you wish to.

The NIA does not cover expenses to attend meetings.

Application process
Any NIA member can stand for election. The chair must be from a current NIA member.
To apply the candidate will need to send through a brief biography plus a brief synopsis of how they would take the group forward. These will be circulated with members to help them cast their votes. Your application must not be longer than a page and should include your photograph, email and telephone number.

In addition to the bio and synopsis please include a short activity schedule of up to 5 activities/ events in addition to Business Group meetings you would like to put on for the Group over the next 12 months. NOTE this will not be shared as part of the application.

We recommend candidates only apply for one Chair role.
If you are interested in either role, send your application to by 12 o’clock on Wednesday 30 September.

Election process
– TWO people (ONLY) from each member company are entitled to vote and each one of those people has TWO votes – a first choice vote and second choice vote.
– The first vote carries two points, and the second vote carries one point.
– You may not vote for one candidate as your first and second vote, if you do so your second vote will automatically be void (you can if you wish only cast one vote).

How to Vote
To vote please email with your votes in the following format:
Your name
Your company
Your first choice candidate
Your second choice candidate
Remember – only TWO people per member can vote

Election Timetable
Wednesday 30 September (by midday) – Deadline for candidates to submit bio, synopsis and activity plan to NIA
Monday 5 October – Candidate details announced, voting opens
Wednesday 14 October (at midday) – voting closes
Friday 16 October – Successful candidates announced

If you have any questions about the application or election process or would like more information about what each of the jobs entail contact / 07803 696 787 alternatively if you would like to find out what the role entails from a current chair please contact Gareth Davies – or 07764 197732.