The energy system of the future needs to not only generate zero carbon energy but economic prosperity across the UK.

A net zero carbon economy which doesn’t create jobs and growth isn’t good enough for the UK.

We need to drive investment in the next generation of engineers and experts which will deliver net zero and prosperity.

Nuclear is driving that investment. Whether through the thousands of apprenticeships created, the 60,000 highly skilled jobs in the sector, or the £6.4bn a year the sector creates for the UK, it’s clear that nuclear creates prosperity.

Crucially, nuclear investment is spread right across the UK with nearly 90% of jobs in the sector based outside London and the South East.

And with world-leading innovators in decommissioning and advanced manufacturing, a strong research and development sector and a generation of new build ready to go, nuclear will continue to create prosperity in future.

It’s time to Rediscover Nuclear.