The UK is a global leader in the nuclear industry, a position built up through 60 years’ safe delivery of nuclear energy. UK firms are in a position to capture significant share in markets around the world.

The UK offers capability and expertise across the entire nuclear lifecycle from design of plant to decommissioning and waste management. This makes the UK the partner of choice in nuclear energy developments across the world.

As a pioneer in nuclear technology, the UK is home to some of the world’s leading nuclear companies within a mature and flexible supply chain. These firms have a long track record of planning, design and construction, operations and monitoring as well as life extension and decommissioning.

Helping you export 

The Government has estimated that in the next 10 years, the overseas market for building new reactors will be worth £930 billion and around £250 billion will be spent on decommissioning old reactors.

A growing number of UK companies are exploiting these markets and there are a number of ways the Government and the NIA can help support your venture overseas. The Department for International Trade (DIT) can help you increase your presence in markets overseas, develop international partnerships and guide you through any challenges in accessing markets.

DIT, in partnership with the NIA, organise international missions to growing and lucrative markets. We also work with DIT to organise the annual Civil Nuclear Showcase event. These will help you network with potential overseas customers and demonstrate your capabilities to an international audience.

To find out more information on how DIT can help your organisation, export controls and the latest opportunities visit the Department’s website and contact the nuclear team.

In the global market UK firms are able to support:

Nuclear New Build

The new build programme is leading to major investment in the UK’s supply chain and many companies are working in international joint ventures to deliver the UK’s new build projects. This knowledge will be vital to any country looking for organisations with experience of programme management and technical support.

Civil engineering and construction

Boasting extensive nuclear engineering, manufacturing and site installation capability, the UK can supply much of the plant and equipment for a new site, and has a long history of supplying their products globally.

Fuel cycle service

Most of the fuel for the UK’s nuclear fleet is produced by Springfield’s in North West England. UK firms have an impressive history in fuel cycle services. This includes the manufacture of oxide fuels for AGR and LWR reactors, manufacture of uranium hexafluoride and the specialist transportation of nuclear fuels, spent fuel and waste. In addition the UK has considerable experience of recycling spent fuel to recover uranium and plutonium as well as the manufacturing of mixed oxide fuel.

Operations management

The UK has a deep understanding of the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power stations and has developed the necessary technical solutions to maintain and extend their lives, to maximise performance. This has resulted in highly skilled technical expertise and engineering resource, already being deployed in overseas nuclear programmes.

Decommissioning and clean up

Decommissioning and waste management is one of the most sensitive aspects of the nuclear cycle. It needs to be handled safely and efficiently, to a world-class standard. The UK is a world leader in decommissioning civil nuclear power reactors and as a result has established a supply chain with substantial skills and resources. These companies have developed a range of cutting edge technologies, which are helping to reduce the costs of decommissioning – vital both in the UK and overseas.


UK research and development (R&D) was at the heart of the very first commercial nuclear power plant 60 years ago and the UK remains a leading force on the global nuclear R&D landscape today. Some of the best R&D facilities are located in the UK and the UK’s research community embodies vast expertise across the whole fuel cycle.

The NIA works closely with the Department for International Trade, which incorporates UKTI, on a range of targeted export campaigns to promote the UK supply chain overseas.

CNEA China's Nuclear Energy Guide

In June 2016, China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA) visited the UK to take part in a working group on Sino-British civil nuclear energy co-operation. During the meeting, CNEA held talks with the NIA, which included looking at NIA’s Essential Guide to the UK new build nuclear supply chain.

It was agreed CNEA could provide relevant information to help British enterprises to understand the situation of China’s nuclear power market and supply and demand information, including the organisation, participation, market access and more, leading to the publication of China’s Nuclear Energy Guide.

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