Are you thinking of entering or further developing your career in the UK’s nuclear industry? Are you an SME looking for support with the transitioning/onboarding of new recruits into the nuclear industry?

The Nuclear Bursary provides financial support to individuals for education and training opportunities to help with starting or furthering their professional career in nuclear.

The Nuclear Bursary scheme, managed by NSAN and funded by the NDA and ECITB, will help the sector to deliver one of the NSSG’s key theme of ‘Exciting the Next Generation.’; Attracting and recruiting a diverse range of people into the sector and retaining them with the appropriate level of knowledge transfer to minimise the number of fragile skills.

This Nuclear Bursary round will support individuals on programmes of study or training relevant to meeting the demand for nuclear industry with a particular emphasis on:

  • Mobility
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • SME Development
  • UK Skills Gap

The bursary can be used to support an individual on placements, internships, secondments and programmes of study relevant to the sector. Relevant courses of study include Higher Level Short Courses, Honours Degrees, Masters Degrees, Postgraduate, CPD qualifications and workforce development.

Jo Tipa, Managing Director of NSAN, commented:

“The sector is looking to attract of a diverse mix of skilled people, to help meet the sector’s ambitious target. The bursary offers much-needed support to individuals looking to move into the nuclear industry, or for individuals employed, or starting to work in small companies, for whom funding can become a barrier to further development. As the go-to-place for skills for nuclear, NSAN is committed to supporting skills development.”

Corhyn Parr, Chair of NSSG, commented:

“The NSSG remain committed to supporting individuals and organisations in their ongoing development and given the exceptional circumstances we continue to find ourselves in, we feel it is appropriate to prioritise applications to those who are most affected by the crisis, and to target upskilling/reskilling into nuclear as part of a green economic recovery. The NSSG overall objective is to support the timely attraction, development and retention of a diverse workforce and supply chain. The continued support from the NDA, NSAN and the ECITB in delivering bursaries is very much appreciated during these challenging times.”

Jacq Longrigg, Group Head of Leadership, Skills and Talent of the NDA, commented:

“We are focussed on delivering the decommissioning mission for the UK, which will require a pipeline of skilled individuals at all levels within our businesses and across our supply chain.  In the NDA we have as strategic focus on skills to ensure that we have the necessary capability and capacity across the NDA, in particular  where we have scarce, critical and high demand skills – The Nuclear Bursary programme very much supports the ethos behind this as we are committed to supporting individuals and small businesses in developing their capability and capacity in all areas through funding to support skills development.”

Chris Claydon, CEO of ECITB, commented:

“Throughout the pandemic the ECITB has worked to support employers, learners and training providers to continue vital workplace skills development. Our commitment to the Nuclear Bursary provides immediate support for talented new entrants embarking on engineering construction careers and is an investment in the future of the engineering construction industry.”

The deadline for applications is 8th July 2022 (4pm)

Find more information on the NSAN website.