Sizewell B has reached a major milestone notching up 10 million-million watts of electricity this year!

The station hit the milestone today following a weekend when a record number of people were expected to tune into the World Cup.
Adam Anderson, Sizewell B Plant Manager, said:

“Sizewell B has once again proved to be a world class station that we can all be proud of.  Delivering electricity when we need it around the clock during some of the coldest snaps we’ve seen in a while, the station keeps going, delivering for 2.5million homes. I would like to thank the Sizewell B team for all they do to keep the power flowing for local people.”

The power station has recorded 99% load factor – that makes it one of the most reliable power stations in the UK with availability to deliver power 99% of the time. Sizewell B has produced a quarter of the zero carbon electricity coming from EDF’s fleet of stations which reached 40TWH (40million-million watts) this year.
Sizewell B will be brought offline in February to carry out routine maintenance and refuelling work. Adam said:

“The important work we do during an outage gives us the outstanding record of performance that we expect from Sizewell B.”

EDF has made a £60m investment in Sizewell B this year to ensure the power station operates at peak performance to deliver for Suffolk and beyond.  EDF is currently looking at the possibility of extending the life of Sizewell B beyond 2035 for an additional 20 years. The financial decision for this will be made in 2024.

Together, Sizewell B and Sizewell C would be capable of delivering power for over 8.5million homes from this small area of the Suffolk Coast and support more renewable energy generation coming online.