The Triple Bar Existing Sites (TBES) introduction to nuclear course has been re-invigorated, in consultation with Subject Matter Experts, to reflect the updated priorities of the sector: safety, security, and the environment.

With over 35,000 people having completed the course, the TBES plays a fundamental part in making people new to the industry aware of the impact that their actions have, and their role in helping to ensure, maintain and grow the UK nuclear industry.

The TBES introduces people new to the industry to the requirements for compliance, nuclear awareness and industry behaviours for safe and secure working on existing nuclear sites.  The course has been adopted by a number of nuclear companies as part of their induction for all new starters, or those transitioning into the sector.

The new version of the TBES also benefits from an updated look, taking into consideration and reflecting new developments in software advances and eLearning capability.

Jo Tipa, Managing Director of NSAN commented:

“The refreshed TBES course has come about through feedback from members requesting that security and the environment be highlighted as priorities alongside safety for new starters. This is a refresh of the course, rather than a new version of the training content, so those that have recently completed the TBES prior to the refresh can be assured their certificates of completion will still be valid for the length of time as accepted by the Site.”

Mick Collis, Security Operations Manager from Magnox Ltd, part of the review team commented:

Thank you for taking on board the feedback and incorporating the suggested amendments. I have reviewed and it looks good. Well done.”

Andrew Clarke from Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd was part of the review team:

“I like it. I feel it flows well through the different subjects and delivers messages clearly. It also emphasises the main messages well and summarises key learning points nicely as it progresses.”

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