NIA Capability Report 2012

Uploaded 29 September 2016

In 2012, the Nuclear Industry Association published this report on UK nuclear supply chain capability to deliver the proposed 16GW programme of nuclear new build.

Recommendations are made for both industry and Government to minimise risks in delivery of the programme, and at the same time maximise UK content. These include:

To attract young engineers the Government should consider subsidising tuition fees for university engineering courses.

Industry should work with councils to secure a future for the broad skills that will be developed by the local people.

Government should complete the facilitative actions required on strike price and electricity market reform to enable final investment decisions to be made.

Government should actively promote investment initiatives to support nuclear.

Opportunities and challenges associated with delivering the fleet include the creation of 30,000 jobs, the importance of joint-ventures in de-risking contracts, and the need to increase supply chain capacity to meet the programme demands.