More than three-quarters of people would support the development of solar, onshore wind, and offshore wind farm projects in their local area.

The Government published its revised Net Zero Strategy last week following last year’s lawsuit that saw the UK High Court deem the Strategy unlawful due to a lack of detail. This revised Strategy couldn’t be timelier published, with the IPCC’s recent ‘AR6 Synthesis Report’ stating that the level of greenhouse gas emission reductions this decade will determine whether warming can be limited to 1.5°C or 2°C.

Against this backdrop, Cavendish Advocacy and BECG commissioned Focaldata to survey members of the Great British public to understand what they think about Net Zero and the renewable energy project development.

At a time when the energy sector has never been under more pressure, we wanted to understand public attitudes on the key questions like:

  • What renewable energy projects would the Great British public be supportive of being developed in their area?
  • Which renewable energy sources do the Great British public think the Government should be doing more to support?
  • Does the Great British public support the Government’s 2050 net zero goal, and which political parties do they trust to achieve it?