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NIA welcomes Government funding for Advanced Modular Reactor projects

10 July 2020

The Nuclear Industry Association today welcomed the announcement that the UK Government will provide £40m of funding to unlock thousands of green jobs by developing the next generation of nuclear energy technology, part of which will support three Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR) projects.

£30m of funding will speed up the development of three AMR projects in Oxfordshire, Cheshire and Lancashire and drive them closer towards supplying low-carbon energy to the nation. The remaining £10m will be invested into unlocking smaller research, design, and manufacturing projects to create up to 200 jobs.

The NIA’s Chief Executive, Tom Greatrex, said:

“Nuclear is an innovative and ever-evolving technology, with new and advanced technologies having a key role to play in helping meet net zero across the economy.

“This announcement is a welcome step forward on that path. This is about more than electricity: nuclear can power the creation of hydrogen, clean fuels and district and industrial heating, as demand for all these continues to grow, if net zero is to become a reality. Commitment to nuclear as a long term part of our energy mix will lead to new jobs and growth and enable deep decarbonisation–two things the UK needs the most right now.”

“As well as those selected for support from government today, there are a range of other innovative and advanced technologies developed in the UK that are attracting global interest. The UK’s capability is pivotal to reducing global emissions.”