Press Releases

NIA Statement on Reports of Bullying at Sellafield

10 March 2021

Responding to reports of bullying at Sellafield, the Nuclear Industry Association has issued the following statement:

“The UK’s civil nuclear industry is committed to driving out bullying, harassment and racism. There is absolutely no place for behaviour of that kind in our workplaces, and it is our duty to create an environment of safety and respect for all of our colleagues. That is fundamental to our values, and our determination to build the diversity and inclusivity of our industry. We welcome Sellafield’s statement that they will not tolerate bullying, and their resolution to improve.”

Sellafield have issued the statement below in relation to the specific cases cited:

“We’re committed to ensuring all of our employees are respected, included, and able to perform at their best.

“There is no place for bullying and harassment at Sellafield. We do not tolerate it and where we find it, we take action.

“We are working hard to improve our processes so employees can have confidence that when issues are raised, they are dealt with.

“We closely monitor our progress, including seeking the views of our workforce through working groups and surveys.

“It was one of these surveys, in 2018, that first brought focus to concerns about bullying and harassment.

“We did not ignore this, or seek to cover it up. We confronted the issue, proactively shared information with employees, and developed a company-wide improvement programme. This work is continuing.

“We accept we have more work to do in this area but we remain as committed as ever to eradicating unacceptable behaviour from our workplace.”