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NIA responds to the no deal technical notices published by government

23 August 2018

Commenting on the government’s publication of its first series of no deal technical notices, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the UK Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) said:

“The publication of the first of the no deal technical notices today underlines the scale of the work still required to put contingency plans in place before March 2019, and why a sensible, rational and logical future relationship between the EU and UK is the most desirable outcome.

“While the government and UK nuclear power sector has made good progress in replicating Euratom arrangements in recent months, there’s no room for complacency and much remains in the control of the UK government to deliver. A March 2019 deadline continues to be challenging.

“Movement of people, goods, and services are essential to civil nuclear as for many other sectors, there remains a lack of detail from government on how this would work in a no deal scenario, and it’s critical this is fully detailed before March 2019.

“The government has rightly acknowledged the considerable global benefits of collaborative scientific research, including in nuclear fusion at the world-leading facility in Culham on Oxfordshire. To enable continued UK industry involvement in ITER, then a formal association with Euratom should remain the objective.

“It is clear the most desirable and least disruptive course of action for both the UK and the EU is to conclude a sensible, rational and logical long-term association between the UK and Euratom, with a transition period to enable new arrangements to successfully bed in. We will continue to work closely with both the UK government and the European Commission to encourage the smoothest possible transition out of Euratom.”