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NIA Reaction to CCC Sixth Carbon Budget

09 December 2020

Reacting to the publication of the Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget, Tom Greatrex Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“The CCC’s recommendation that we should build enough new nuclear to replace the current fleet by 2035 is a good start, but we will have to build twice that amount to be on track for net zero. Right now, we regularly rely on gas and coal for most of our power, and we need to replace all of it in the next 15 years. Nuclear is our only proven source of firm, emissions-free power that can do that. It also has one of the lowest lifecycle carbon footprints of any generating source, 14 times lower than gas with CCS, and has saved more in emissions than any other generating source in our history. Replacing the current fleet should be the starting point, not the limit, of our ambition.”


Notes to Editors
According to daily statistics released by the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) Control Room and compiled by the NIA, the UK has only hit its 2030 electricity carbon intensity target of 50-100g of CO2/kWh on four days in the last six months.