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New Build Business Group Vice Chair Election

03 September 2021


A vacancy has arisen for the position of Vice Chair of the NIA’s New Build Group.

Aujas Mistry, the current Vice Chair, has announced his intention to step down at the end of September. We will be therefore holding an election later this month to identify his replacement.

The New Build Group meets multiple times a year, and events typically attract 100+ NIA members. The Group meetings run as a mini-conference and networking opportunity for members to hear the latest updates about industry.

As well as the meetings, each event tends to include a drinks reception and pay-your-own-way dinner the evening before. When possible, a facility tour is organised the day before or on the day of the meeting.

At each meeting, the room and refreshments are sponsored by NIA members. The drinks reception held the evening before is also generally sponsored by a member company.

Role of the Vice Chair

  • Deputise for the Chair as required on the day, including chairing parts of the meeting.
  • Deputise for the Chair as required in hosting the drinks reception and pay-your-own-way dinner.
  • Liaise with the Chair of the group, and the NIA secretariat, to decide the location, theme and agenda for the meeting.
  • The NIA will approach potential speakers and sponsors, as well as arrange the logistics on the day. But when appropriate, the Vice Chair may be asked to approach speakers or sponsors themselves.
  • Work closely with the Chair and NIA to develop the Business Group’s strategy, activities, and vision.
  • Invited to sit on the organising committee for the NIA yearly conference.
  • Attend NIA Business Group Chairs’ meetings twice a year.

It is expected the Vice Chair will have a good understanding of the UK’s nuclear new build industry and programme.

The Vice Chair will hold the position initially for up to three years (exceptionally a second term may be agreed).

Time Commitment

The Vice Chair will be expected to attend the Business Group meetings and work with the Chair and NIA Secretariat to plan the meetings and the Business Group’s activities. The time commitment above this is down to the individual.

Other opportunities may arise which you will be invited to participate in should you wish to.


The NIA does not cover expenses to attend meetings.

Election Timetable

The election timetable will be as follows:

  • Nominations open: Monday 6th September
  • Nominations close: Sunday 19th September
  • Voting opens: Monday 20th September
  • Voting closes: Sunday 3rd October
  • Winner announced: Week commencing 4th October

Nomination Process

Any individual working for an NIA member company may put themselves forward for the role.

The following candidates successfully applied before the 19th September deadline:

  • Jonathan Fowler, Jacobs
  • Sophie Macfarlane-Smith, Rolls-Royce
  • Tom Purnell, Frazer-Nash
  • Simon Stuttaford, Castletown Law

The candidates’ statements may be viewed here.

Voting Process

Voting is restricted to NIA member companies and each company is permitted to vote a maximum of TWICE.

On the 20th September a link for voting was circulated, alongside the candidates’ statements. Companies should agree internally who will submit that company’s TWO votes.

If more than two votes are received from your company then all votes will be invalidated and you will be asked to resubmit.

Voting will be conducted using a preferential voting system (i.e. ranking of candidates from favourite to least favourite) and all votes will be confidential.

Voting will close on the 3rd October and results will be released as soon as possible in the week commencing 4th October.

Further Information

If you have any questions about the role or the election process, please contact Tom Brook at / 07803 696 786

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Aujas for his dedicated support to the New Build Group over many years, which has been invaluable.