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DEXTER™ Demonstration Events

13 November 2017

Veolia’s broad range of capabilities in the nuclear field have now been united within a new entity, Veolia Nuclear Solutions. In the UK, the business includes Oxford Technologies Ltd which has a track record of solving engineering problems especially in complex remote handling operations in harsh environments.

There is an opportunity to attend a demonstration by Oxford Technologies Limited at NNL Workington of a development concept for a versatile Dexterous Remote Handling system for use in higher activity operations.

The technology being presented would remove operators to a remote location away from any radiation dose. This would allow operations to be performed on much higher activity systems, which otherwise would be challenging (or even impossible) to be performed manually.

The DEXTER™ Telemanipulator System is based on the proven technology of the Mascot telemanipulator that has been used for many years at the JET fusion site at Culham.

The DEXTER™ slave arm would be located within a high or medium activity cell and controlled by a kinematically identical master that could be safely situated up to several kilometres away.

The demos are limited to 8 per session, with 8 demos being run in total on 15, 16, 21 and 23 November.

If you are interested in attending a demonstration at NNL Workington then please contact Paul Knight of NNL at