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CGN UK sets up Advisory Board

08 March 2019

CGN UK, the London-based subsidiary of the global clean energy company CGN, today announced that it has started the process of appointing an independent Advisory Board.

The Board will comprise leading British figures with experience in delivering major infrastructure projects and working at the highest echelons of government. They will provide impartial advice to CGN’s senior management team as they take forward plans for investing in new nuclear power and renewables in the UK.

CGN UK is involved in 4 joint ventures with EDF to bring new nuclear to the UK, through projects at Hinkley Point C, Sizewell C and Bradwell B, and by taking the HPR1000 reactor technology through the rigorous GDA regulatory process. The company also operates and is developing 340MW of wind power in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The Advisory Board will be chaired by Sir Terry Morgan. Sir Terry is the much-respected former Chairman of Crossrail, and before that was CEO of Tube Lines, amongst many other roles. His knowledge of major projects is unparalleled, and his commitment to developing engineering and other skills is well-known.

Also appointed to the Advisory Board at this stage is Sir Brian Bender. Sir Brian enjoyed a long career in the Civil Service and was the Permanent Secretary in the Department for Business and before that in Defra. He is now the Chair of the London Metal Exchange and holds a number of other senior roles.

Further members of the Advisory Board will be announced in due course.

Zheng Dongshan, Chief Executive of CGN UK, said:

“Appointing an Advisory Board is an important step in the process of CGN investing in new energy projects in the UK. Having people of the calibre of Sir Terry and Sir Brian, and their future colleagues, as a sounding board will help us to ensure that we take even closer account of our stakeholders and are able to answer whatever questions they may raise. And the Advisory Board will help us deliver a legacy of long term partnerships including with local communities, as well as skills and high value jobs.”


CGN in the UK
CGN is a leading global clean energy company, with diverse interests including hydropower, wind power and solar, as well as nuclear power, fuel and financing. The company and its subsidiaries employ 42,000 people around the world. It has total assets of RMB 660 billion (approximately USD $100 billion).

In total CGN has 30.7GW of renewables generating capacity globally. In the UK and Ireland, CGN operates 300MW of onshore wind power, with a further 40MW under construction. In total it has around 1.6GW of renewables capacity in Europe.

CGN is the largest owner and operator of nuclear power stations in China, and the third largest nuclear enterprise in the world. It is also the world’s largest builder of nuclear reactors. Following the entry of Taishan Unit 1 into commercial operation it has 22 nuclear units in operation in China, with a total capacity of 24.3GW, or 54% of China’s installed nuclear power capacity. It also has 6 units under construction with a capacity of 7.43GW, accounting for 53% of China’s nuclear new build projects.

The company has already committed to invest more than £10 billion in UK new nuclear (Hinkley Point C, Sizewell C, and Bradwell B). These investments are via General Nuclear International (GNI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CGN, and through 4 Joint Ventures with EDF.

CGN owns 33.5% of the HPC project, in which it is both an investor and an industrial partner bringing more than 30 years of construction experience, project management expertise and lessons learnt from Taishan.

It is a 20% shareholder in SZC development, and a majority shareholder (66.5 percent) in Bradwell Power Generation Company Ltd (BRB), a joint venture with EDF which will take forward the Bradwell B project. The reference plant is the HPR1000 reactor under construction at Fangchenggang, in Guangxi Province, China.

CGN is also a majority shareholder in the joint venture (GNS) taking forward the Generic Design Assessment process for the UK HPR1000 technology.

CGN is committed to being a major, credible, and long-term industrial player in the UK. CGN UK already has around 160 workers in the UK and in France. It will directly and indirectly create thousands of jobs, and very significant commercial opportunities for UK companies, as it takes forward its nuclear new build projects and other energy developments in the coming months and years.

For more information contact:
Gavin Devine, Communications Adviser, CGN UK
+44 7535 750505

Moon Ye
PR Manager, CGN UK
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