RenewableUK is highlighting the fact that most of the Great Britain’s electricity is being generated by low carbon energy sources this winter, saving British billpayers more than £5 billion over the last seven weeks.

Between Monday 31st October and Sunday 18th December, renewables and nuclear combined have provided 54% of Britain’s electricity. Renewables generated 40% and nuclear provided 14%. Wind alone generated 56% of our low carbon power during this period and nuclear 27%.

This has reduced expensive gas imports which are the main cause of rocketing bills by more than 3.5 billion cubic meters, which would have cost British billpayers £5.7 billion.

Thanks to private investment and supportive Government policies over the last two decades, the UK now gets the majority of its power from non-fossil fuel sources. Renewables generate 40% of our annual electricity needs, more than half of which comes from wind alone, with nuclear providing an additional 15%.

RenewableUK’s CEO Dan McGrail said:

“Low carbon energy sources are doing the heavy lifting this winter, providing most of the power which is keeping the lights on and Britain’s homes warm at the coldest time of the year.

“Every unit of electricity which we generate from cost-effective low carbon sources means one less generated by expensive gas imports which have sent consumer bills through the roof. Renewables are cutting people’s bills, helping hard-pressed families when they need it most”.

“Every time you see a spinning turbine this winter, it’s reducing the risk of blackouts as well as reducing the cost of electricity. The £175 billion-plus of private investment which is planned for wind and other renewables over the course of this decade is the only certain way of avoiding fossil fuel crises like this in the future”.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“Real progress is being made to shake Britain’s reliance on fossil fuels, with nuclear and renewables working in tandem to provide cheaper, more secure power this winter.

“The current nuclear fleet has been powering the nation for over four decades, but urgent investment is needed to meet the government’s 24GW of nuclear by 2050 target, so we can get on with building large and small modular reactors.

 “A combination of firm nuclear power supplementing renewables is good news for consumers and for the planet.”

Throughout the winter period, RenewableUK is tweeting fortnightly updates of our low carbon generation statistics using #WinterPowerUpdate.


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