Mirion experts will present our latest innovations in radiometric measurement systems and services. 

We focus on core technology, product and service engineered solutions that bring added value for customers. This is demonstrated, with reference to examples, through illustrating the improved operational efficiency and cost savings that can be achieved. Applications include enhanced measurement accuracy determinations for radiological inventory of waste containers through advanced gamma spectroscopy systems, methods and ISOCS™ modelling tools, improved practical methods for deployment of equipment (robotics and automation) in challenging environmental conditions for D&D projects, and enhanced user experience in these applications through user-friendly software. We welcome all professionals involved in waste and nuclear fuel management, characterization and decommissioning projects.

Who should attend:

• Criticality Engineers
• Decommissioning Engineers
• Health Physicists
• Site and Facility Managers
• Project Managers
• Waste characterization staff and managers
• Research Students
• Waste Compliance Managers
• Radiometric Assay Specialists
• Regulators
• Government Funding Agencies (for example
• Safeguards Inspectors
• Safety Managers

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Who is the webinar presented by?

Dr Patrick Chard

Dr Chard studied physics at the University of Birmingham and graduated with a BSc in 1988. He went on to receive an MSc in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors. He joined Harwell Laboratory and achieved a PhD in Physics, in 1991, developing advanced neutron Non-Destructive Assay techniques for waste assay.
Dr Chard spent nine years at the Harwell Laboratory in a group developing radiation detection instrumentation, later to become part of Canberra and then Mirion Technologies. During this time he worked as a physicist developing waste and nuclear fuel measurement systems. In 2000 he moved to the Dounreay site in the North of Scotland and managed the UKAEA site’s NDA strategy and team of NDA engineers. In 2006 he re-joined Canberra (now Mirion Technologies) and has held various technical and management roles related to NDA systems and radiometric measurements and consultancy services. His current position is Application Support Group Manager and Technology Owner for Non-Destructive Assay systems and Measurements & Expertise, responsible for product lifecycle and roadmaps, and associated Research & Development.
With a background of training in reactor physics, Dr Chard’s core expertise is in radiation detection physics and transport modelling with tools such as ISOCS, calibration, and MCNP methodology. Most of his work involves a heavy emphasis on developing careful understanding of a customer’s exact requirements, guiding development of the best solutions to meet those needs.

Jeremy Beaujoin

Jeremy joined the company in April 2004 as a Software Developer. He has an Electronics Engineering degree, with specialization in software. In 2006, he spent three months on a mission in Japan at the Rokkasho Mura’s site to upgrade some systems at their factory. Returning, Jeremy held positions with increased responsibility as Jeremy Beaujoin Project Manager and Software Team Manager.
During 2013 to 2018, he transitioned to Business Development and Sales Support to utilize his software expertise and experience, designing solutions for customers on gamma spectroscopy, lab applications, and waste characterization.
Since 2018, he has held the position as Software Technical Expert, and beginning 2021 he assumed the role for NDA systems and M&E Services Product Line Management.