EDF Energy operate the UK’s eight nuclear power stations. It works with a broad range of organisations across the energy lifecycle to ensure safe, secure and responsible generation.

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Life Extensions

Where technically and financially viable to do so, EDF Energy, who run the UK’s current operating stations, will look at life extensions.

Running stations for longer means they can contribute to meeting our energy policy objectives and prolongs the massive local benefits including high quality jobs, supply chain benefits and local infrastructure.

Each station operating in the UK makes a major contribution to the local and national economy through its spending on services and jobs as well as local and national tax. That includes around £40 million a year on wages for employees, in addition to business rates and millions paid in national tax.

*EDF Energy has previously stated that it expects to confirm a 20-year extension for Sizewell B, extending its lifetime to 2055.

Station Reactor Type Date Commissioned Scheduled Decommissioning Output in MW
Hunterston B AGR 1976 2023 965
Hinkley Point B AGR 1973 2023 955
Hartlepool AGR 1983 2024 1180
Heysham 1 AGR 1983 2024 1155
Dungeness B AGR 1983 2028 1050
Heysham 2 AGR 1988 2030 1230
Torness AGR 1988 2030 1190
Sizewell B PWR 1995 2035* 1198

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