UK industry will play a key role in delivering a fleet of new nuclear power stations across Britain and nuclear businesses have the potential to secure tens of billions of pounds for the wider UK economy, and create thousands of highly skilled jobs. The NIA works with the UK industry to maximise the opportunities.

As a pioneer in the development of nuclear power generation, the UK has a legacy of nuclear power generation in various stages of closing down and decommissioning. This has resulted in a wealth of experience in decommissioning which is highly valued in new international markets.

Below are the relevant links and information on each of the major nuclear supplier portals. Visit the sites to stay up to date with all of the latest developments and contract opportunities.

Nuclear New Build

There are currently three consortia investing in UK new nuclear. EDF Energy/CGN, Horizon Nuclear Power and NuGeneration Limited. Find out more about each of their projects and how to become a supplier.


There are 17 sites being decommissioned across the UK. Find out more about the supply chain opportunities across the UK.

Nuclear Generation

The UK’s existing nuclear fleet will provide supply chain opportunities throughout their lifetimes. Find out more about the opportunities available.

Essential Guide

NIA members, along with contributions from leading nuclear companies and regulators, have developed Stage 3 of The Essential Guide for the Nuclear New Build Supply Chain.

This document set out the scale of opportunities and the key issues for UK industry including the latest market position and nuclear industry requirements.

Stage 3 has been developed with the input of developers, technology vendors and a number of Tier 1 companies who have major involvement in the nuclear industry. Input has also been provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) to ensure it has the widest possible cross-industry support.

Maintain support for SMEs to bid for work in the nuclear sector

There will be a continuing need for Government support to enable industry, particularly SMEs, to capitalise on the opportunities from both nuclear new build and decommissioning. Institutions such as the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre have a key role to play in supporting the sector. The Fit For Nuclear programme has seen almost 100 companies go through the assessment and are now ready to bid for work in the sector. It is important that funding is maintained for this programme to support smaller businesses.

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Nuclear Industry Structure

Our Nuclear Industry Structure page aims to raise awareness of the existing and potential opportunities available in the UK civil nuclear industry, acting as a central point of information for initial interest with the intention of signposting companies to key players and essential knowledge.

As part of this project the NIA’s team have created this interactive map to illustrate and provide links to the range of organisations and bodies that constitute the UK civil nuclear industry.

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