Changes taking place within TSP Engineering - they have been purchased by GMET Group bringing TSP back into UK ownership.

Update on recent events and the exciting news that TSP Engineering have been purchased as a business by GMET Group.  TSP Engineering sees this as a positive development, brining great strength and support to their efforts in advancing and fulfilling their objectives as a business.  In relation to the contracts and orders presently in place between TSP Engineering and their partners , TSP want to inform you of their exciting plans for continuing to work with their clients as an important partner to the TSP Engineering business.

The intention is to carry on the TSP Engineering Business as the flagship business within the GMET Group.  John Coughlan, CEO of TSP Engineering, will also be joining the board of GMET Engineering as CEO.  They would like to provide you with assurance relating to the future of the TSP Engineering business and the contracts and orders they have in place.

TSP Engineering will become part of the core operational assets of the GMET Group and will benefit from the synergies of being in this group and from GMET’s expertise.  GMET intend to maintain the existing management and workforce of TSP Engineering under its present CEO, John Coughlan, and to further grow the business and workforce.  Utilising the knowledge and skill of TSP Engineering’s current management and workforce, alongside GMET’s experience of significant major programmes, which will provide the foundation for growth across TSP Engineering and the Group, bringing TSP into the the production of Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR’s) which is exciting news.

This acquisition brings TSP Engineering back into UK ownership and will provide future opportunities for example in the advancements of emerging energy technologies.  TSP trust that you are as excited as they are for the future of TSP Engineering and their relationship with their partners.