Tom Samson, Rolls-Royce SMR CEO, has led a delegation to the Czech Republic to discuss plans for deploying a fleet of small modular rectors (SMRs) in the region.

Rolls-Royce SMR has been working with leading Czech utility company, CEZ, on plans to deploy SMRs as a way to provide long-term energy security, meet net zero targets and decarbonise both electricity networks and industry.

The visit, building on an agreement signed between the two companies in 2020, looked at the routes to deploying Rolls-Royce SMRs – the UK’s sovereign nuclear technology – in the Czech Republic and at opportunities to build on expertise in the supply chain from both countries.

Tom Samson said:

“There is a significant opportunity to export our British technology to the Czech Republic and the wider region in support of their low-carbon energy aspirations. Rolls-Royce SMR has developed a factory-built power station that can provide clean, affordable electricity for generations to come.

“The Czech Republic has a strong nuclear heritage and, by combining the skills and expertise from the two countries, we can find a route to bring this technology here by the early 2030s, in a way that brings huge benefits for all.”

The senior representatives from Rolls-Royce SMR were joined by The Minister of State for Trade Policy, The Rt Hon Greg Hands MP. Mr Hands said:

“Exporting not only helps businesses grow, but also supports jobs, drives productivity and boosts the economy.

“I’m proud to be supporting Rolls-Royce SMR in Czech Republic and hope these discussions lead to exciting opportunities for the British brand.

“As the recent Energy Minister, I understand the important role small modular reactors offer for enhancing energy security.”

The visit included a trip to Skoda JS and Doosan Skoda Power manufacturing facilities in Pilsen which, alongside Rolls-Royce SMR factories in the UK, could form an important part of the plans to deploy Rolls-Royce SMRs in the Czech Republic.