Market engagement event – Sellafield Ltd’s strategy to procure a range of manufactured products

22 July 2020

14:00 - 15:30


Organisers: NIA and BECBC
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63 Can Racks
The Contract Opportunity relates to the provision of a nuclear waste containment solution through the manufacture and supply of high integrity, precision engineered, stainless steel, nuclear waste containment systems (known as “Hybrid 2 63 Can Racks”. The Racks are designed to hold 63 (sixty-three) Civil Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (CAGR) slotted cans, each of which holds three spent and dismantled AGR fuel assemblies.

High Integrity Stainless Steel Containers: HISSC
The HISSC Contract Opportunity consists of the manufacture, testing, inspection and delivery of a range of 12 high-integrity stainless steel containers to Sellafield Ltd including:

  • Drums – large high-integrity, high-precision 500 litre drums
  • General fabrication items such as stillages and Miscellaneous Beta Gamma Waste Store (MBGWS) boxes
  • Pressed items i.e. clip-on bases and CAGR slotted cans
  • Waste Vitrification Plant (WVP) containers – extremely high-integrity flasks which contain high-temperature vitrified nuclear waste.

Who should attend
All suppliers who have previously engaged with these two opportunities both via CTM or during market engagement sessions.

Any other companies with capability to manufacture high-quality stainless-steel nuclear waste containment products at scale.

Any members of manufacturing supply chains such as stainless-steel suppliers.

Aims of session

  1. Provide open communication regarding Sellafield Ltd approach to procurement
  2. To answer questions and provide feedback regarding these procurement plans
  3. To engage with relevant suppliers interested in bidding for these opportunities
  4. To communicate proposed timescales which will allow supply chain to prepare bid resources

Rob McGarel, Category Manager, Manufactured Products will cover the background to each procurement and give an overview of the products.

Mike Melia, Sourcing Manager – Manufactured Products will give an overview of the procurement procedure for each procurement aimed at helping bidders prepare.

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