Doing Business with USNC Webinar

17 June 2021

110:0 - 12:00


Organised by: NOF ENERGY
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The ambition of Ultra Safe Nuclear Company (USNC) is to provide hardware and services for reliable energy anywhere – on Earth and in Space. Developed since 2015, their Micro Modular Reactor (MMR) is now becoming reality – the first in a family of hardware and service products for reliable energy anywhere. They are further utilizing their design, licensing, and technology capabilities, such as ceramic additive manufacturing and proprietary sintering techniques, to develop nuclear power systems for advanced applications on earth and in space. These include Transportable Power Units, Nuclear Thermal Propulsion and Lunar Surface Power systems.

11.00 NOF welcome
11.10 Sponsor welcome – Proeon
11.20 Presentation by USNC
11.40 Q&A Session
12.00 Close