2018 YGN Introduction to Nuclear Power Generation

05 September — 07 September 2018

EDF Energy, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3RS

Delegates will be exposed to the past, present and future of nuclear power production, through technical seminars presented by representatives from across the industry, as well as tours of Hinkley Point B Power Station & the Joint European Toroid (JET) Fusion Reactor.

Seminars will discuss a variety of key topics within the industry; from Reactor Physics to Electricity Generation to grid; from the history of nuclear reactors to the future of nuclear power production, including the progress towards establishing nuclear fusion power production. Delegates can expect to be provided with an insight to the industry as a whole and what the future may look like.

Many of the ideas from the seminars will then be observed first hand on the tours of Hinkley Point B Power Station & the Joint European Toroid Fusion Reactor.

A formal dinner will provide the opportunity to network with people across the industry, including our main speaker Mike Harrison, Chief Nuclear Officer for Region 1 at EDF Energy.

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Please note the booking deadline is 29th July 2018.