The NIA has welcomed EDF’s stated ambition to extend the life of Hartlepool and Heysham I nuclear power stations if possible (link). In reaction, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, Tom Greatrex, said:

“Getting the most out of our existing nuclear stations is vital to ensuring Britain has a secure supply of power going forward. Extensions would provide a critical, immediate boost to UK energy security in the short term, cutting gas use and cutting bills.

“The nuclear fleet provides excellent value to consumers as a secure, sustainable and affordable source of power on the grid and a backbone of stable output. The strong performance of the current fleet shows the benefit of having a series of stations working in tandem alongside renewables.

“For the long term, it is now important that the government’s vision of 24GW of nuclear by 2050 is realised and we can start building up our energy resilience.”


Notes to Editors

  • Analysis by Cornwall Insight shows energy bills will be higher in the winter of 2025 because of nuclear power plant retirements (link).
  • Hartlepool and Heysham I are due to retire in March 2024. Together they generate power for 4 million homes, around 5% of the country.
  • The UK has five generating nuclear power stations, providing around 16% of the country’s electricity from 5.9 GW of capacity. All but one will retire by March 2028.
  • Hinkley Point C, the only new nuclear power station under construction in the UK, is due to begin generating in 2027.
  • Nuclear has saved the UK 2.3 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, far more than any other source. The saving is equivalent to all UK emissions from 2015 through 2020.

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