Still wind conditions allowed engineers to carry out a massive lift at Hinkley Point C, overnight. 

Big Carl, the world’s largest crane, lifted a 304-tonne steel liner ring onto the first reactor building in the early hours of this morning (December 12th).

It is the third and final ring to be installed on the building, which will eventually contain one of Hinkley Point C’s two nuclear reactors. The unit has now grown in height by 11.6-metres and stands at 44-metres.

The liner ring, which was prefabricated in a factory on site, also features supporting brackets for the Polar Crane Beam. This internal crane will rotate 360° above the reactor and be used for refuelling.

The reactor building now only has the ‘lid’ to be placed on top, with the iconic dome lift scheduled for next year.

Big Carl’s latest lift highlights the progress being made at Hinkley Point C, where teams are working 24/7 to make the plant operational as soon as possible. The power station will supply 6-million homes with clean, homegrown energy and is crucial in helping the UK avoid another energy crisis.