We’re delighted to announce the launch of the 2022 Engineering & Technology Solutions Exhibition on the prestigious Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, South Yorkshire on Weds, 25th May 2022. AMP is where some of the most cutting-edge enhancements in the field of nuclear, aerospace, automotive, medical, environmental and energy technologies are being developed.

Partnering with Nuclear AMRC and AMRC, who both offer world leading research into advanced machining, manufacturing and materials, the exhibition will also create an ideal forum for the promotion of technology transfer and innovation whilst also allowing for the valuable sharing of best practice between multiple industry sectors.

This is a new and exciting event to be held on AMP and is intended to bring together engineers, technologists, scientists and other key representatives from companies across the Park in a unique environment where they can meet with exhibiting suppliers, witness product demonstrations, discuss practical problem-solving and find potential engineering & technology solutions through networking and supplier engagement.

The Advanced Manufacturing Park is recognised internationally for its innovative research and advanced manufacturing processes, and has already attracted world leading high technology companies all of whom will be invited to visit the exhibition such as:

  • Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
  • Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
  • AMRC Training Centre
  • Rolls Royce – Aerospace
  • McLaren Automotive
  • TWI
  • British Steel
  • Nikken
  • Plus many others

Marking their 10th Anniversary in May 2022, the Nuclear AMRC also plan to coincide their celebrations with the Engineering & Technology Solutions Exhibition ensuring their own special guests from across the UK’s nuclear sector also have a chance to visit the exhibition.

For further information, please also visit: https://www.technologyexhibitions.co.uk/AMPEvent/