Nuclear Energy Policy in the UK - Where are we now?

Energy policy has changed significantly since Sizewell B, the last nuclear power station to be built in the UK which was completed in 1995. Significant changes have been made to reflect the need to provide stable supplies, at competitive costs and with minimum CO2 emissions. The Energy Act 2013 achieved this and has allowed EDF Energy to develop plans to develop the first reactor to be privately financed in a liberalised competitive electricity market.

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This simple timeline charts some of the key people, events and legislation that have helped to shape the civil nuclear industry in the UK today.

Since 2013

In December 2013, the Energy Bill received Royal Assent to become the Energy Act 2013. The UK is now held up as one of the most desirable worldwide markets in which to develop new nuclear power. Three developers have brought forward plans to develop 16GW of new nuclear – replacing the existing reactors that will be going offline in the 2020’s.

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LOCATION: Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C
TECHNOLOGY: 2 x EPR designed and developed by AREVA – a Gen III Pressurised Water Reactor
SIZE: 3.2 GW
• Completed Generic design Assessment in 2012
• Strike price agreed at £92.50 per/MWh for Hinkley Point C, reducing to £89.50per/MWh with Sizewell C
• EU Commission approved state aid investment contract in October 2014
• Strategic Investment Areement October 2015
  DEVELOPER: Horizon Nuclear Power
LOCATION: Wylfa & Oldbury
TECHNOLOGY: 2 x ABWR designed and developed by Hitachi-GE

2.7 GW
• The ABWR moved to third stage of Generic Design Assessment in August 2014
• Local consultations on the Isle of Anglesey have begun
• Site preparatory work is being conducted

  DEVELOPER: NuGeneration Limited
LOCATION: Moorside
TECHNOLOGY: 3 x AP1000 designed and developed by Westinghouse

3.4 GW
• The AP1000 is currently going through Generic Design Assesment
• Site assessment works have commenced




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